The Coffeehouse legacy

It all began in 2004 when the owners of Portland Coffee House brought in specialty coffee enthusiast Adam McGovern to help the business grow by adopting, what we refer to today as, “Third Wave” coffee. In the early to mid-2000’s specialty coffee was an all but unknown subject. So, taking it on was quite a risk. But, with popularity and growth of Stumptown, the founders of Coffeehouse knew it was a risk worth taking.

The team brought in Stumptown, changed the name simply to “Coffeehouse” and redefined every aspect of the little corner cafe. Coffeehouse was the first Portland coffee shop to present single origin espresso.

The espressos are top-quality and they change frequently so it’s like an espresso treasure hunt to go there and see what they are serving.
— Caffeinated PDX

But, to Adam, extraction quality was just as important as product quality. They invested in a high-quality espresso machine and grinders, as well as, set the highest standard in barista skill and craftsmanship. To a local barista, making it to Coffeehouse Northwest meant that you were at the top of your class. In fact, Billy Wilson worked as a barista at Coffeehouse Northwest as his last job before starting Barista, one of Portland’s most revered cafe groups.

Despite lack of parking and pint-size interior, Coffeehouse soon became a destination spot for Portland coffee enthusiasts. As notoriety and reputation grew, “Northwest” was added to the name. But, to this day, staff and regulars still refer to Coffeehouse Northwest as simply “Coffeehouse.”

a cozy place on gritty Burnside called Coffeehouse NW, which happens to have the best coffee in Northwest Portland.
— Willamette Week

While Coffeehouse Northwest has changed hands over the years, its formative role in the early development of Portland’s Third Wave coffee culture lives strong in it’s DNA. We feature some of Portland’s best baristas and remain a destination for locals and coffee tourists alike. We serve Dovetail Coffee; one of Portland’s best up and coming roasters.

This little coffee shop on Burnside serves the great coffee.
— Portland Food & Drink


coffeehouse serves

—Dovetail Coffee—


delicious and distinct. Organically grown. directly traded. roasted in Portland, or


We choose Dovetail

Dovetail Coffee is consistently delicious and interesting. Their coffees are organically grown, directly traded and sold exclusively in our region. As a local, family owned business their brand mission represents Portland values and community spirit. We believe that coffee shops are community centers for people to meet, connect and find joy. Dovetail Coffee recognizes this and our partnership has enabled us to make a more significant impact in the neighborhood we serve.

We carry G.O.A.T Blend on espresso with two rotating single origins. Learn more about Dovetail Coffee here or follow them on Instagram.



featuring great local vendors


Tea from the jasmine pearl

We carry a wide selection of hand-crafted, certified organic, small batch specialty tea blends from The Jasmine Pearl. We serve high quality, ceremonial grade matcha, as well as, delicious blends steeped hot or iced. Come in late for a relaxing Vanilla Rooibos or energize in the afternoon with with a refreshing lemon hibiscus iced tea. You can learn more about The Jasmine Pearl here or follow them on Instagram.


Vegan & gluten free pastries from shoofly

Come in and try our delicious selection of vegan and gluten free pastries and pies from local artisan baker Shoofly. Shoofly is a small, local and close knit company, specializing in Pennsylvania Dutch baked goods. Follow them on Instagram.


Alternative milks

Featuring oat milk from Califia Farms, as well as, almond, coconut and soy from Pacifc.